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Price Breakdown

Oil collecting kits are free

Sample cost is $25.00 per analysis.

Attention! While the kit is free, the oil analysis costs $25.00.

Many labs will charge you for the kit when you order it.
We let you keep your money until you send in your oil for analysis.

    Are you changing your oil often enough? Too often? Is synthetic oil really worth it?
Years ago, the commercial multi-weight oils on the market were ...
    New diesel engines cost up to $20,000 each, so it only makes sense to take care of yours.
Oil analysis can identify insidious problems that ...
    You want to keep your motorcycle running as long as possible, and oil analysis is a
terrific tool for doing so. We've seen samples from most of the motorcycles ...
    Industrial groups have traditionally changed oil on an elapsed time basis.
This can result in dumping millions of gallons of good oil annually ...
    Air-cooled aircraft engines are twitchy, heat-sensitive machines that vary widely in wear
depending on the aircraft, the cylinders, and how they’re operated. ...
    Sea-going engines require special attention in oil analysis. They tend to pull heavy and constant
power for long periods of time, in holds with little air ...
    Transmission and gear oils can be contaminated with metals and moisture,
and those contaminants should be removed before they can damage the system ...
    We will email your results to you, though they are also available online.
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