Jim Stark passed away peacefully at his home in Ossian, Indiana on Nov. 20, 2015. He was 73.

Jim was an inventor, entrepreneur, pilot, musician, writer, workshop tinkerer, mechanic, and an all-around interesting guy.

He enjoyed happy hour (three-beer limit unless scotch was available), playing guitar and the ukulele, traveling and camping with his wife Kathy, passionately rooting for Purdue, hot tubbing, writing stories, John Prine music, and checking himself out of the hospital. Jim and Kathy played music wherever they went on their travels across the country. Jim founded Blackstone Laboratories back in 1985, a successful company that is still going strong today. He was building his own airplane – a Van's RV12 – just before he died.

Jim survived a tour in Vietnam, crashing an airplane, two heart attacks and two heart surgeries, jumping out of an airplane when he was 70 (barely), and the doctors in Indianapolis before lung cancer got him in the end.

His spirit is among the stars, and he will be greatly missed by all who loved him.


Ryan started at Blackstone in 1997 after graduating from Purdue University with a mechanical engineering degree. Ryan is responsible for writing and maintaining Blackstone's software program, setting up and managing the lab, writing reports, and a million other things that need to be done in a business. When he's not kicking ass in the lab or writing code, Ryan enjoys putting his pilot's license to good use, working on his '84 Chevy 3/4 ton, and teaching his son to play ball. As an experiment, Ryan is currently running Aeroshell W65 an oil with (gasp!) no zinc or phosphorus in it — in his Chevy to determine if the hype over ZDDP (zinc dithiophosphate) is all that or not. If the experiment ruins his engine, well, he's rebuilt it before. To see Ryan's most recent report, click here.


Kristin deviated from the family flock by attending Indiana University, earning an English degree. She worked as an editor and writer in Colorado and Michigan before the siren call of Blackstone brought her back to Indiana. Kristin started at Blackstone in 2001 and has since learned to love the intoxicating world of oil analysis. When she's not working on the website, creating newsletters, or writing reports, Kristin enjoys running and working on visiting all 50 states with her husband and kids. To see Kristin's latest report, click here.


Billy joined Blackstone as an analyst and backup lab guy, but he has evolved into a true jack of all trades. Billy has 40 years racing experience, starting out in drag racing, then switching to speedway. Eventually he became an official and wrote racing stories for national publications. In the 1990s he owned his own company as a business manager of speedways. In his free time, Billy enjoys marrying off his daughters and spending time with his grandkids. He's also an avid NCAA fan and manages win our office NCAA pool regularly, despite Kristin's insistence that "women's intuition" would conquer all. To see Billy's latest report, please click here.


Erik took to Blackstone like a Labrador takes to the water. Erik spends his days in the lab improving processes, setting up new machines, and building things. He has been known to spend his free time tearing apart engines and fixing them himself. That’s our kind of guy. Take a look at Erik's latest report here.


Alex was a car nut trapped in the body of a bank teller until he found his true calling at Blackstone. He now spends his time penning reports and spreading the word of Blackstone to the far corners of the Earth. He is the proud owner of a 2007 Stage 3 Roush Mustang and spends his free time going to car shows with his very patient wife. He is clearly a very nice person, since he didn't even get mad when Kristin called his Mustang a Corvette. To see Alex's latest report, click here.


Amanda likes to shoot people. With a camera, that is. In her free time she runs a freelance wedding photography business, and brides clamor for her time from the great north (Wisconsin, where she grew up) to the heartland. She also likes to travel. Most recently she did some shooting on a trip out west to Las Vegas and Arizona, and since the cops did not bring her back in handcuffs, we assume she was doing her shooting with a camera there as well. As you can see, Amanda also enjoys getting her picture taken with hairy guys at Packers games. To view Amanda's latest report, click here.


Travis is a man of many talents. Not only is he a word crafter of the highest order, he can take apart and reassemble engines and transmissions with ease. When he's not talking engines with Blackstone's clientele, he spends time restarting hearts and rescuing accident victims as an EMT in Ohio. He also can bend steel with his bare hands, and he once wrestled a grizzly bear to the ground and ate his ear. (Note: The actual Travis may vary some from this description.) You can see his latest report here


We have never known anyone who could supply soldiers in the desert with water, but that’s exactly what Samir did during his time stationed in Iraq as a Marine. But that’s not all! He’s also a computer crackerjack, mechanic, student, and Blackstone’s latest oil analysis guru. Having worked on cars for years, Samir is putting his expertise to good use crafting oil analysis reports and discussing engines with all the people who want to chat. And there are a lot of you. While he says he spends his free time going to the gym and working on computers, we suspect he’s just being modest about his secret life in espionage and alligator-wrestling. You can see Samir's latest report here.


Jamie: test-tube slinger, viscosity reader, quantifier of solids, and more. When he’s not wrangling oil in the lab, Jamie wrangles a camera and spends his free time releasing his inner photographer. We haven’t yet seen a sample from his ’87 Porsche, but he’s being chastised as we speak and one is surely forthcoming soon.



Blackstone was lucky enough to recruit Ken when his previous employer, Navistar, relocated to Chicago. Ken elected to remain in Indiana and pursue a quieter life out the country, raising donkeys, chickens, and kids (not necessarily in that order). At Navistar Ken was a Vehicle Dynamicist in charge of ride, handling, and vibration. At Blackstone he's an excellent Lab Manager, ensuring quality, installing and running new equipment, and generally being an all-around great guy (a job he truly excels at). To see Ken's most recent report, click here.


Sean does a little bit of lots of things at Blackstone, and he does it all extremely well. When he's not logging in your samples and sorting through samples that have recently arrived, Sean spends his time updating his fixer-upper house and dreaming of one day owning a Shelby GT 500. To see Sean's most recent report, click here.


Luke is a master writer, motorcycle rider, and all around great guy. That alone is all you really need to know about him, but wait, there's more! In his free time Luke trains Arabian horses, consults with foreign dignitaries on the value of the yen, practices reiki, applies for patents in nuclear energy, and snowboards. Some or all of this may be true about Luke; you can decide how much. His superpower is the ability to balance young children on a morotcycle seat. Note to potential employees: this is what happens when you can't come up with anything for your website description. To see Luke's latest report, click here.


A guy who's good with his hands, Sam spends his time at Blackstone building the thousands of kits people ask us for every day. If you came for a tour of the lab, Sam might corner you and offer to rebuild your lawn mower or detail your car. And when he's not doing that, he can probably be found fishing or hiking around Indiana. To see Sam's latest report, click here.


When he graduated with a degree in economics from DePauw University, Christopher probably never thought he'd be analyzing oil for a living. But then again, he probably didn't think he'd be laying cable either, which is what he was doing before he came to work for us. When he's not slinging words for a living, Christopher can be found participating in Fort Wayne's Beard & Mustache society, hanging out with friends, and hopefully not breaking any more of his collar bones in bike wrecks. You can see his latest report here.


Maggie loves anything to do with the water - she grew up on a lake and could swim before she could walk. She spent many years working at her grandparents' bait shop and therefore also loves fishing. And also working on and riding motorcycles. And also photography and graphic design. And on top of all that's she's a film junkie! Unpacking samples, helping with log-ins, and answering phones at work, Maggie is destined to become Blackstone's newest Jill-of-All-Trades. Her latest report is here.


LaToya spent 17 years working at North American before she saw the light and made the jump to the wonderful world of Blackstone. She's one the friendly voices you'll hear when you call, as well as one of the people diligently logging in all the details about your oil sample. When she's not doing that, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Chardaé, admiring interesting shoes, and helping run the YouGoGirl project (sponsored by Women's Health Advantage) which donates monthly makeovers - clothes, make-up, fitness membership, photo shoot, and news interview - to women who have been through some type of adversity. You can see LaToya's latest report here.


When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, Josh says he never had any spare time until he got this job. While he figures out what to do with his newfound spare time, Josh likes checking out cars he can't afford and thinking about where he might go in Europe one of these days. You can see Josh's latest report here


Cathy enjoys spending time with and walking her dogs, when she's not shopping with her daughter or spending time with her husband and son. She also goes to the occasional car show, which makes her fit right in at a place like Blackstone. Cathy's most recent report is here


When he’s not penning oil reports, recent IU-grad Joe spends his time coaching South Side high school’s speech and debate team, listening to Bob Dylan, and plotting to take over the world. Just kidding on that last one. Maybe.


When asked what he likes to do for fun, Robert replied that he doesn't get to have any fun, per his girlfriend. He did manage to remember back in the days when he liked to go see live music, but those days are over. This past weekend he did laundry.


Justin is truly a jack of all trades. When he's not working in the lab, he's busy raising two kids with his wife, working on his Dodge D150 truck, and working on computers. He may or may not be known for dumpster diving in his spare time. 


If you've received kits in the mail lately, chances are good Delana built them. When she's not putting together kits at work, Delana keeps busy with her kids and doing community service with the elderly and a local homeless shelter with her social club, the Loyal Ladiez.


 Avid reader and go-to grammar guru, Clair surprised no one when she graduated with a degree in English Literature from Denison University. When she's not crafting reports, she's busy corralling her three insane cats, haunting local used book stores, and working on her collection of short stories. She hopes to someday earn a masters degree in English, and may or may not stalk Stephen King on Twitter.


Brandon studied Linguistics at Indiana University and started at Blackstone at the beginning of 2018. Brandon’s happy place is in the bucket seat of his 2007 Shelby GT500, or really any time he’s behind a steering wheel. He has always been enamored with aircraft, and has recently found a passion in flying helicopters. Too bad he didn’t send his boss a picture, as requested. This photo of Brandon texting at his desk in no way represents his true work ethic at Blackstone.

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If we had to pick the most frequent cause of diesel engine failure, we would choose antifreeze, the killer extraordinaire. There are several ways coolant can get into the oil - head seals, pin holes in wet liners, injector cups...

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Industrial Industrial groups have traditionally changed oil on an elapsed time basis. This can result in dumping millions of gallons of good oil annually, while doing little to prevent oil-related problems such as "leakers" - machines that leak oil from various seals, costing millions in new oil purchases and downtime. Quarterly oil analysis can eliminate leakers and other oil-related problems, with the added benefits of saving money in unnecessary oil purchases and the cost of getting rid of waste oil...

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depending on the aircraft, the cylinders, and how they're operated. ...
Aviation When a gasoline or diesel engine develops an unexpected problem, it leaves the owner stranded at the side of the road. When an aircraft engine develops an unexpected problem, it can have far more serious consequences.

Oil analysis is a critical component of aircraft maintenance. It's just one tool in your bag of tricks to keep your engine running in top shape. Air-cooled aircraft engines are twitchy, heat-sensitive machines that vary widely in wear...

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Marine Sea-going engines require special attention in oil analysis. These engines are not often mechanically different from their land-borne cousins, but they are quite different in their environment and how they are operated. They tend to pull heavy and constant power for long periods of time. The operating environment has the engines situated in holds with little air for cooling and little room for maintenance. Some are treated to splashing bilge water and use seawater for cooling...

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Transmission Transmission and gear oils can be contaminated with metals, solids, and moisture, and those contaminants should be removed before they can damage the system.

Conversely, a test of your ATF, manual transmission fluid, or gear oil may reveal that it's still in great condition, and you don't need to change it as early or as often as you thought...

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My Report We will email your results to you, though they are also available online. You'll need your client ID to sign in or register...

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