Wondering if your coolant is in good condition?

We run the following tests to see if your coolant is in spec:

  • pH
  • Nitrites
  • Oil (hydrocarbons) contamination
  • Specific gravity
  • Freeze point
  • Visual inspection for debris/color

Coolant samples can be sent in our normal test kit

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Test your coolant to see if it’s good condition. The focus of our coolant test is to see whether the cooling system needs flushed and/or if the coolant can stay in use. We can also tell you if the right water/glycol ratio is present, and the pH test looks at whether the coolant is acidic or corrosive to the system.

If you’re worried about a coolant leak, or you want to know whether coolant is getting into the engine oil from a head gasket leak, an oil sample is going to be more helpful than a coolant test. We can, however, tell you if oil is present in the coolant (none should be). We do not run a spectral exam on coolant, so if oil is present, we cannot tell you what type it is.

We can’t test for combustion gases in the coolant, and we can’t tell you exactly what brand of coolant it is. We can tell you if debris and solids are present (there shouldn’t be any), but if we find solids, we will not be able identify what they are.

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