Vacuum Pump

One of the benefits of oil analysis is that you can usually extend your oil changes and run the oil longer than you have been. But because all engines wear differently, the only way to tell how long you can actually go is to analyze the oil. If you don’t want to change the oil in order to get a sample, then you need a hand-operated vacuum pump, which draws a sample up through the dipstick.

Our reusable pump is American-made in Tennessee with durable cast aluminum. When you purchase a pump, we include a length of tubing to thread into the dipstick and draw the sample. You can buy more of this tubing at any hardware store (1/4″ refrigerator tubing).

The vacuum created by the pump draws the oil into the sample container. The oil never touches the pump, so you don’t need to clean it in between uses. You can either dispose of the tubing with each use, or clean it out with a solvent like kerosene.

The tubing fits most car and truck dipsticks. Cummins engines, however, have a smaller diameter for the dipstick. We have thinner tubing you can request if you have a Cummins or any other engine that the normal 1/4″ tubing does work in.

Cost: $35.00