Where Is My Test Kit?

Before you decide that we are all slackers who just haven’t gotten around to sending out your kit yet, ask yourself this question: Did I fill out the form right? You would be surprised to see the number of people who neglect to give us a street address, a zip code, a state, etc. Sometimes we can track you down, sometimes we can’t. If you gave us your email, we will usually write and let you know we don’t have your full address. If you thought you’d be clever and enter Blackstone’s email address in the email field, and you didn’t fill out the form correctly, well my friend, there are probably no kits coming your way.

If you did fill out the form correctly, then we will send you a kit as soon as possible. We do our best to send out your kits in a timely fashion–usually within a couple days of when you request it.

If you’re in a hurry, you do not need our kit to send us oil. You can package it in anything that won’t leak (something clean and dry with a screw-on lid is a good idea) and send it to our mailing address along with one of our oil slips. We’ll process it just like any other sample.

cluster of glassware holding liquids; a small beaker with red liquid, a larger beaker with yellow liquid, and a 200 ml cup with black liquid