ryan floating on a blow-up raft in a lake pointing a finger up in the air

Ryan started at Blackstone in 1997 after graduating from Purdue University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Ryan is responsible for writing and maintaining Blackstone’s software program, setting up and managing the lab, writing reports, and a million other things that need to be done in a business. When he’s not kicking ass in the lab or writing code, Ryan enjoys putting his pilot’s license to good use, working on his ’84 Chevy 3/4 ton, and raising his kids. As an experiment, Ryan ran Aeroshell W65  an oil with (gasp!) no zinc or phosphorus in it — in his Chevy to determine if the hype over ZDDP (zinc dithiophosphate) is all that or not, figuring if the experiment ruined his engine, well, he’s rebuilt it before(Spoiler alert: The engine was fine. See pictures from the rebuild and the latest report from his Chevy below.)

Ryan’s Engine Rebuild:

Engine 1

The “before” picture of the engine, with almost everything removed, including the cylinder heads and intake manifold.

Engine 6

What a beauty! Engine has been cleaned and painted.

Engine 2

The block with the new cylinder heads and old intake re-installed. Had to put both back on in order to remove the engine.

Jim & Ryan

Ryan and Jim hard at work in Jim’s barn.

Engine 3

After the engine was removed, sitting on the stand.

Engine 4

Back in she goes! The new carburetor is on top.

Ryan's oil analysis report on his 1984 Chevy truck