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“Great information” (08/20/2021)

The internet is very polarized on the topic of oil. It’s great to hear the facts from an unbiased source. The information talked about really clears up many of the he said she said myths about the oil industry. Love the podcast.

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“Blackstone Joe is the man!” (08/18/21)

This is a great show for anyone that’s into cars, trucks, planes, or anything mechanical. It’s not just about oil and samples. Joe does a great job of explaining the oil sample process, the history of engines and oil analysis and what it’s like to work at Blackstone. He gets some very well informed guests to come on and explain oil. He turned oil into a successful and entertaining podcast which I wasn’t sure was possible. Give it a listen!

“Great Info” (08/03/21)

A lot of great information on all oil platforms from Blackstone Joe. Not just your average oil show. There do’s and dont’s, myths and facts.

“Very good podcast!” (06/01/21)

Friend told me about Blackstone for used oil, and I found out they had a podcast when researching the company. Listened to the episodes on a recent road trip, and definitely learned from it.

“Great podcast to learn about oil and motors” (02/22/21)

Been interested in automotive oil for a while and it’s great to hear what the experts have to say about this topic. Very interesting topics and great audio quality.

“One of the most interesting automotive podcasts” (09/14/20)

What could have been just a plug for the business is an amazing podcast about super granular (in a good way) of all the details of oil analysis. Some episodes have some really interesting personal antidotes and a revolving door of Blackstone employees keeps it fresh.

“A new perspective” (09/10/20)

Oil analysis has been helpful, but hearing the commentary on this podcast makes me understand the engine and the accompanying analysis results in a deeper level. If you’re a tech/spec head and not just a wrench turner this podcast is for you.

“Information that EVERYONE needs to know” (01/20/20)

My extent of car knowledge is that I own one. That alone is a reason to listen. Learning more about what could be going on in my car is important for my own peace of mind as I get from point A to B. Anyone with a car needs to listen.

“Long time customer now subscriber!” (02/09/20)

I have used Blackstone for engine oil analysis for a few years now. I love having data on my engine health. I am glad there is a podcast dedicated to oil lubrication and analysis. There is SOOOO much misinformation out there on oil. I hope this podcast can dispel some of those myths.

Keep ‘em coming! ?


What’s all the fuss about?

Every oil has a story, especially oils that come from engines, transmissions, and machinery used for industrial applications. At Blackstone Laboratories, we test it all. With the show Slick Talk our host Joe Adams offers you a look (or listen) behind the curtain.

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