Quick-Draw Pump


Sample without changing the oil with our reusable pump! American-made in Tennessee, this durable pump is constructed with cast aluminum. Includes reusable tubing. Free shipping.

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Take your sample without changing the oil with our vacuum pump, which draws a sample up through the dipstick. The vacuum draws the oil directly into the sample container; the oil never touches the pump so you don’t need to clean it in between uses.

Our reusable pump will give you many years of service. It’s American-made in Tennessee, with durable cast aluminum. When you purchase a pump, we include a length of tubing to thread into the dipstick and draw the sample. You can either dispose of the tubing and buy more at any hardware store (1/4″ refrigerator tubing), or clean the tubing with a solvent like kerosene and reuse it.

The tubing fits most car and truck dipsticks. Cummins engines, however, have a smaller diameter for the dipstick. We have thinner tubing you can request if you have a Cummins or any other engine that the normal 1/4″ tubing does work in.

Free shipping!

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