Quick-Draw Pump


Take a sample without changing the oil with our reusable pump!

American-made in Tennessee, this durable pump is constructed with cast aluminum. Includes reusable tubing.

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Take your sample without changing the oil with a hand-operated vacuum pump, which draws the oil up through the dipstick & directly into the sample bottle.

Our reusable pump is American-made in Tennessee with durable cast aluminum. When you purchase a pump, we include a length of tubing to thread into the dipstick and draw the sample.

The tubing fits most car and truck dipsticks. Cummins engines, however, have a smaller diameter for the dipstick. We have thinner tubing you can request if you have a Cummins or any other engine that won’t take 1/4″ tubing.

Here at the lab, we reuse the tubing after cleaning it out with kerosene. Just use the pump to draw kero through it, like you would with engine oil. If you’d rather start with new tubing every time you use the pump, it’s just 1/4″ refrigerator tubing, available at any hardware store.

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