How to Get Started

So you’re new to oil analysis? Getting started is easy.

  1. Order a free test kit

    You can order one here; it should arrive within a few days. But you don’t have to have our kit in order to send in a sample. Send the oil to us in anything that’s got a screw-on lid and won’t leak as it goes through the mail.

  2. Fill the bottle with oil

    You can either fill it during an oil change, or buy a quick-draw pump and pull a sample through the dipstick.

  3. Fill out the paperwork

    Print off one of our informational slips here.

  4. Package the sample up – take a picture of the tracking number

    Confused by what’s in the kit? Check out this video!

  5. Mail the sample to us

    Our kit has a prepaid bar-code label on it so you don’t even have to go to the post office to mail it. Drop it in any blue mailbox and it’s on its way. Sometimes the post office thinks oil is hazardous. This letter explains that it’s not and how our packaging meets USPS requirements. Been burned by the post office before? We also get samples daily through UPS and FedEx.

  6. Receive your report

    We email all reports, but we’ll send a hard copy too if you’d like. If you know it, you can also register with your customer number at to view your reports.

  7. Feel the love with a great report!