Industrial Sampling

  1. Take the sample from the sampling port (if the machine has one) or from the fluid reservoir. Taking a sample downstream from the filter is preferred, but not required.
  2. The picture to the right is our 20-pack box. This is ideal for maintenance managers with lots of machines to sample at once. Rather than package each sample individually, all 20 samples go in one box. Write the machine number on the lid and the particulars on the info sheet that comes in the box. Or, if you prefer to sample smaller quantities individually, you would:
  3. Complete the oil informational slip.
      • For the Unit ID, use the machine ID or find a way to uniquely identify the machine
      • If you want other tests like a particle count or a Total Acid Number (TAN), please make a note of it on the sheet
  4. Wrap the gray material around the oil sample and put both in the plastic bag. Roll together the sample, info slip, and a check or credit card number. Put it all in the black mailer tube and send it to us.

Some post offices mistake oil samples for hazardous material. Oil is not hazardous. Our oil sampling kits meet all USPS mailing requirements. To see a letter you can give the post office to help reassure them, please click here.

Need kits? Click here. If you’d like a 20-pack (or several), just make a note when you submit the form.

white box holding 20 white-capped samples bottles with instructions and a Blackstone Sharpie marker