Diesel Fuel Testing Kit


The diesel fuel testing kit includes UPS shipping both ways to the lab. The lab will run the following tests on the sample to determine the fuel’s condition.

  • Spectral exam 
  • Flashpoint
  • Specific gravity 
  • Insolubles
  • Moisture testing

Note: We do not test cetane ratings on diesel fuel.

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Determine your fuel’s condition with our diesel fuel kit!

Our diesel testing kit includes UPS shipping to and from Blackstone Laboratories in Hazmat-certified containers. It also includes the following tests, with commentary on whether the fuel meets specifications in the following areas:

  • Spectral exam – ideally the spectral exam will be all zeros, or close to it
  • Flashpoint – should be 160F or above
  • Specific gravity – we’ll tell you if the SG is in the correct range or not
  • Insolubles – no solids should be present
  • Moisture testing – no significant moisture should be present

Those tests will tell you whether the fuel meets specs for diesel fuel.

Probably the #1 question we get about diesel fuel is whether it’s been contaminated with gasoline. The flash point test addresses this; when gas is added to diesel, it lowers the flashpoint. The extent of the contamination depends on how much gas was added. If a teaspoon was added, it might not make much difference. If an entire tank was filled with the wrong fuel, we’ll be able to tell.

We do not test cetane ratings on diesel fuel. And we cannot tell you if it’s biodiesel.

The insolubles test looks for debris, but if debris doesn’t make it into the sample bottle, we might not see it in testing. If we do find debris, we’ll quantify it if possible, though we can’t necessarily tell you what it is and how it got there.