By the way, after your test showing water in the engine, the dealer tested the oil at the shop with only 30 miles on the oil and it still showed contamination from antifreeze. We don't use this truck much anymore -- if not for the oil sample, we would've gone out of warranty before we knew we had a problem! --Jenelle S., 9/19/18
Good morning my beloved nerd-powered, hard-charging, dedicated & motivated BlackStone "Lab Geeks"! Say no more fam! I'm a recently retired United States Marine Gunnery Sergeant. Did my 21 years for the Country & Corps, and fought in three ground-combat tours both in Fallujah, Iraq, and Sangin, Afghanistan! I absolutely LOVE dealing with professionals like You folks! Daggone, y'all made my day with my first report for Marta's (my lovely wife) 2015 Acura RDX. Hot damn son! Love the details, absolutely enjoyed seeing those comments written by a real professional, and the way they are written. Folks, like I said in my first e-mail few months ago...y'all got a dog-loyal customer for life. Today I'm sending you an oil sample from my 2015 Audi Q7 TDI 3.0 V6 Turbo Diesel. I got 7,000 miles on it, and I'm starting now to keep track of it as miles pile on. I'm a lab rat myself, so I'm sending each and every one of You a huge THANK YOU and what we Marines call "BRAVO ZULU (BZ)" for doing an immensely important service to your community and our fellow 'Mericans. Keep it up you Indiana gangsters! Semper Fidelis & God Bless! P.S. Travis, as a decorated ground-combat veteran I wholeheartedly thank YOU for being a life saver brother. If you're ever having a bad day, remember that YOU help save lives!  One of the most, if not the most, Honorable professions in this crazy world. God bless You!  MOTIVATE!! -- W. D. B. GySgt (USMC (Ret.) -- 7/31/18
Thank you so much for the most recent oil analysis and explanation. It was through your analysis a few years ago that we discovered a problem that multiple Cummins techs could not diagnose. We ended up having the engine rebuilt due to a cracked head. We appreciate your service and your help in keeping our engine running smoothly! -- Lisa G., 7/25/18
Thank you guys! You don't know how relieved I am that I don't have to dig into the lower end. Thank you thank you! What a waste of time that would have been. Now I just need to go hunting. Probably water pump or timing belt. You guys are awesome and I'll keep sending samples in periodically to keep an eye on it. -- John W., 7/16/18
You guys just freakin' rock. Loving the service, the ease of ship/payment, and quality of comments. And down-home natural nature of staff. Firing on all cylinders. Thanks. You betcha I'll keep tracking with Blackstone. Got my buddy checking in, too. --Ross M., 6/5/18
Having this information both saves our family money in oil and transmission changes AND saves me sleepless nights worrying about what might be happening in our engines. I recommend you to everyone I know who drives a vehicle that's worth taking care of. Happy Spring and have a great week! Jeremy V., 5/1/18
What a great email and such a nice comment from yourselves! Thank you so much for taking the time to analyze my oil and give me such good news. Ever since I first got in this car for a test drive, I just knew it was a good one. I felt really bad for driving so long with the same oil, but after this report I feel great! I've been wanting to do the test for so long and I'm so glad I have it now! -- Neville W., 4/10/18
Can’t tell you how much I appreciate these reports! Keeps me sane at night instead of worrying about replacing a $20K engine! -- Andrew C., 4/4/18
Thanks. It is looking quite respectable. Your service gives me a lot of peace of mind. Thank you. -- Ed C., 3/19/18
This is awesome news ! Very happy to be starting a decent baseline now with second report. Will happily extend the next change to 7K miles per the recommendation. Had been keeping an eye on the e-mails waiting this report, and impressed with how quickly it came in. Think y'all are doing great in all areas of the service provided. Looking forward to the next results. -- Bob E., 2/21/18
I'd like to update you all on my 01 Mustang Bullitt. The lab technician stated I had very high levels of aluminum and other metals in the engine. He even took the time to call me with his concerns and provided a more detailed analysis along with suggestions based on your oil database. At this time the engine made no noticeable noises and ran great. I ran compression checks on all cylinders and every cylinder held for 30mins+ between 200-207psi across the cylinders. Digital scope suggested that cylinders were clean and still had cross hatches after 125k miles. This led me to disassembly for further diagnosis. After pulling timing chain cover, I found chain had deeply wore into the guide on the passenger side.

I am now a complete believer in oil reports, as I would have never known about this issue until it was too late. I have now replaced the timing chain with Ford motorsport replacement and all new gaskets. I look forward to sending my oil in for analysis later this year but wanted to update you for your database and thank you for the invaluable information that saved me a motor! -- Derrick D., 1/17/18
Thank you so much this was wonderful insight and great peace of mind for my truck! I'm glad I can trust my oil because this was the longest I went without an oil change for the truck. -- Chloe V., 1/15/18
I wanted to say thank you for your outstanding oil analysis. Once again, you predicted engine failure. As devastating as this passed week has been, your oil analysis lead me to my tuner who discovered my engine was in the beginning stages of failure. Within 3 days, my car was at a local shop getting its engine pulled, then rebuilt. It was found that when the already built motor was assembled, a mere 29k miles ago, the clearance in the rod bearings were too tight. I'm thankful that I was able to have the motor pulled and torn down before it actually failed (unlike last time). And thanks you all, it saved me lots of money. I constantly refer you all to the car community. And this is an added reason I vouch and recommend you all.  -- Brandi M., 11/27/17
I want you to know that I chimed in, singing your praises on the Subaru forum tonight. For a guy like me, it is personal, because my family trusts me to do my best getting us safely and reliably down the road. I am probably your smallest customer but the time you took to give me a thoughtful explanation showed me how deeply you care about your work. -- Bob G., 11/2/17
Thank you very much. Always happy hearing good news about abusing my cars! Heard many people rave about you guys and I can see why. Lots of detailed info on the oil and a personalized suggestion on oil intervals. You guys are the best! -- Andrew M., 10/30/17
You guys rock--that was a fast turnaround and good news generally. And I totally forgot to write in what kind of oil it was. I can never spell it right and had meant to look it up, but I had already sealed up the package. For the record it was Pentosin 5W-30 (you correctly guessed the 5W-30!). Thanks again! -- Andrew D., 10/26/17
Hello Blackstone Labs! Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you provide. I have just received the readout on my second oil change and first diff/transmission flush on my 2013 G37 coupe. The info that you folks provide has helped me to navigate the maintenance schedule on my car, and I feel much more comfortable knowing that there is data to inform any decisions I make about maintenance and how I drive.

My father also sends his (motor) oil to you folks for his 2003 Tundra, which is where I heard about you folks. We have also recently purchased a 2015 VW GTI which will be due for its first oil change in a few thousand miles, and I will also be sending my first sample from my rebuilt 2006 ZX6R soon.

In short, my family and I love your service and will continue to send you our business for each and every vehicle we own. Thanks so much for your hard work, we value the service you provide! -- Aloha and big mahalo, Scott Y., 10/11/17
Thank you!!! I have been happy with everything you've done for us over the years but you went above and beyond on this one. I received a call from Joe (I think I remember his name correctly) telling me the paperwork hadn't been filled out and would I be able to give him info on the engine the sample came out of. I did, but only realized much later how amazingly kind it was of him to track me down! I guess it must have been through the pre-paid testers I bought - thank you for taking the time! Next time I'll fill out the paperwork! -- Stef K., 9/29/17
Thanks for quick turnaround on sample testing and the positive results again. This gives me a good feeling about potential life left in engine. Well worth the $28! I should forward this report and previous on to the service manager at Subaru. Thanks again -- Ted D., 8/14/17
Great news and as always thank you for the report and the thoughtful comments and guidance moving forward with my G37. I am and continue to be thankful for the newsletters you're company puts together as they are ever so educational and the oil sample lab reports and the piece of mind they give me. Many thanks. -- Matthew H., 8/7/17
Just wanted to say you guys are head and shoulders above the other oil labs I deal with. Unfortunately the majority of my local customers do not test their oil. I have a very large government contract that has me sending out upwards of 50 samples a year. No matter what I say or do I cannot get them to switch to you guys. I will keep trying, hopefully someday it sinks in that they are wasting their money with your competition. Thanks for doing such a great job. -- David D., 8/2/17
Thank you, your service and customer service in the five years I've been using Blackstone has always been prompt, courteous and efficient.   Have a wonderful summer. Blue Skies and warm regards --Nina M., 7/31/17
Wow, you guys are amazing. This is my first time using your service and the prompt reply is very impressive. I'm going to recommend your service to all my friends. You really don't get customer service like this any more. Thank you. - Sean O., 7/18/17
Great timing to get the good news - I'll drive with confidence on track this weekend. Thank you! -- Adam N., 6/12/17

As for the fuel system issue, you guys were right on! I had a leaking Power Valve in the carburetor which I discovered and corrected post sample. -- Brian M., 6/2/17

Thank you!!  I love your reports and forward them all to my technician and to the guy who built the engine for me. I regularly drag race this truck so keeping a close eye on it is very important! -- Robin R., 5/16/17
Thank you. I'll be recommending y'all to all the guys I work with at the plant. Greatly appreciated. -- Cory E., 5/5/17
I want to say how pleased I am after I started using you a few years ago. I have been doing oil analysts on all my vehicles and equipment for more than 30 years but was using a different lab. They made some mistakes and so I switched to you and even though you charge 3 times more I'm very happy with your work and feel the extra cost is worth it. -- Gary W., 4/17/17
Thank y'all so much!  I really appreciate your insight and trust your analysis. In a fairly fuzzy world, it's really comforting to have a level of confidence in the science underlying opinion.  This has been a nearly two solid year project, taking this beast from badly mistreated and poorly serviced...to pristine.  In large part, your information helped provide the roadmap. Thanks again.  We'll connect again next year. -- Charles R., 4/6/17
Thank you guys much! I was really worried I might have had coolant leaking into the oil, but my mind is at ease! I look forward to doing business with you again at 300,000 miles! -- William S., 4/5/17
Thanks to the oil analysis before this one I was able to detect 3 bad exhaust valves and a broken piston ring and had the 3 cylinders overhauled. The plane was flying great so if it wasn't for the oil analysis I would not have known anything was wrong until it could have been a disaster. In my case I was able to get things fixed before they got much worse. Thanks! -- Greg E., 4/3/17
I'm pretty stoked to see that the engine seems happy, I bought this bus at auction on a bit of a whim and I'm praying the drivetrain holds for a while. Question for you, I do a DIY podcast with a friend and we'll be talking about this on the next episode, do you have any qualms with me posting on our Instagram for listeners to view? Thanks! -- Geoff L., 3/24/17
I have been using your company for a few years and greatly appreciate your services. Your reports help me monitor my collection of military vehicles and the truck I use daily. I find your comments on the reports very informative and easy to understand. So far your comany has helped me save money in my F350, by not having to change the oil every 3000 miles. Being that the motor is a 7.3L, it is not cheap to change the oil if it does not require it. Also I wanted to note that the deciding factor for me to use your company was your FAQ. I must admit that I found that to be quite hilarious and it shows that you have a great company and a great staff. -- Robert S., 2/5/17
Thank you for checking this oil out. That is good news. I will make good use out of oil they were going to discard. At $12.00/gallon you just made my day! lol -- Thanks, Brad D., 1/20/17
Thank you for sending that report again. I like your service and am glad I found you guys. I have severe ptsd which means I'm paranoid and my truck is my baby. I try to keep it in tip top condition and never intend to sell it. Hopefully I will pass this amazing machine onto my son as they're (7.3L) said to reach 1,000,000 miles regularly. Please volunteer any information regarding the longevity and health of my engine. One of my favorite parts of this whole process is that it's not just a numbers game. Someone is on the other end hand typing additional info. -- Dave M., 1/6/17
Hi, This is my first oil report ever with you guys (well, ever, ever). I've read sample reports posted online, but the feeling I had reading words from a human about my sample was, just, unexpectedly awesome. I dunno
why, but it just was. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for being awesome. Also, I put no tape on my sample bottle. Thanks! --Dan S., 12/27/16
Once again you guys nailed it. This engine is an air cooled twin used on commercial mowers. It experienced a massive overheat due to cooling air blocked by debris.  So we expected a negative report. Thanks for the good work! -- Pat W., 12/21/16
Thanks for the review! I feel like like I just got a clean bill of health from the Dr. I'll keep changing the oil at 5000-6000. Cheap insurance against the need for bearing replacement. Now I have a greater level of
confidence that the post-BMW maintenance that I've been managing is working well for this awesome car. Plus, I'll feel good about putting my foot in it when the mood strikes me. Such an awesome car. Keep up the good work at Blackstone. You provide a great service. -- Mike D.,  11/28/16
Thank you! I can't tell you how relieved I am about the engine's condition. Maybe I shouldn't have chastised the dealer's service department. Aw, heck, they deserved it. Forgetting to put oil back in after ... let's see - what was it I needed done ... an OIL CHANGE? I pity the fool that mistreats my vehicle. I'll go back to changing my own oil again. If you want something done right....   I'll be a repeat Blackstone customer. As an  engineer and former airplane owner, I am a believer in oil analysis, even though I just started it on my 4Runner. -- Brian S., 11/19/16
Thank you guys so much! Makes me a bit less stressed on my car! Really glad I am not in such a bad condition with the bearings as i thought! Will continue doing samples and sending it into you guys. -- Hieu N., 11/14/16
I received my results today and wow enjoyed reviewing it. Please pass on to Luke that his notes made all the difference. If I was not able to actually determine whether all your chemical breakdown of the oil was good or not I certainly was able to after Luke's comment section with the positive notes within it. This test is worth every penny. I plan on doing my diesel tractor John Deere/yanmar motor. I look forward to sending that away and getting the results so see you in the future thanks again for your test and results. -- Dave C., 10/26/16
That's great news. The "sometimes" 110 octain leaded fuel is an occasional treat for for valve guides. Smells good too! I'm old school in this regard. I have the Carrera on a 2K Mile mountain/fall leaf viewing trip. Oil change due when I return. The service that you provide is very comforting. Till next time -- Geo. W., 10/24/16
Thank you for your prompt and thorough response. Learning that there was no fuel in the crankcase oil means that I can pass on a very expensive repair, one which would not have addressed the problem. -- Peter H., 9/30/16
Hello to the Blackstone Lab team, I just received lab results on engine oil for my 2001 Accord. I could not be happier with this report. You have earned a future customer and a spokesperson to anyone that will listen. Thanks to all for a service well done. PS: I will be sending a transmission sample in the near future. -- David S. 9/29/16
Thank you very much for this analysis. This is good confirmation that for a 50 year old original engine, it is in pretty good shape. I am very impressed with your analysis and the quick response time. I will be sending more samples on my other cars, and this one as soon as I can rack up the mileage. The driving season here in Michigan has about two to three months left and then it's over until the spring. -- Tom S., 9/13/16
Thank you Blackstone lab team for offering such a great service and giving people like me with older cars some peace of mind on the condition of the engine! -- Stefan H., 8/15/16
Thanks for the report, now I have good reason to go fly more!! -- Eric V., 8/1/16
Thank you so much for the report.  Your report had exactly what I was looking for, a go/no-go on repairing the engine. I will let you know what happens with the car. -- Jim S., 7/22/16
Wow that was awesome! I called the phone number, I got a PERSON not a computer, and that person was able to not only help me, but I got what I asked for via email within 30 seconds of asking. That's customer service! -- Charles J., 7/20/16
I want to make sure I had the chance to say thank you to the people who have been watching after our engine through the oil analysis. I really appreciate the work you do and the peace of mind it brings me flying our airplane. I enjoy the very personalized comments that you provide. I recently helped a friend change his oil for this 1st time. He pulled out a sample kit from another provider. I wouldn't let him use it! I pulled
out one of my Blackstone kits and told him he had to use it. -- Ken V., 7/19/16
Thanks so much for your services. I really like the narrative you provide with the report. --  Mike B., 7/15/16
This is my first opportunity to use your services.  It has far exceeded my expectations. You have made a lifetime customer, and I plan to share my views with others. Thank you again for your prompt, efficient,informative service, and your amazing staff, especially Kristin. - Capt. Robert G., 6/30/16
Your reports are great.  A great service, thank you. We replaced the starboard main oil pan gasket.  That would be the source for strange readings. A gasket sealant was used. We did send 2 port gen oil samples. Thank you for asking. Much appreciated. Again, thank you!!  -- Dave M., 6/16/16
Thank you. I am amazed with your service in all aspects.  You just received the sample and I have the report!  And I am thankful that my Vibe engine "Seems like a solid engine!" and that I can run it an additional 2000 miles before an oil change. Oh, that I would have known about you 50 years ago.  Again, thank you! -- Jim V. 6/14/16
The service that you perform is a most anticipated report that I look forward to yearly. As an owner of a 30 year old classic car that I drive the %$#&^ out of, it's always good to get your report. Kinda like a yearly check-up - am I going to live, what's wrong, how much to fix it, how long, is it worth fixing! George W. 5/23/16
This is so neat. Thank you for this service. The goal is 500k miles and sources like Blackstone will help to make that possible. -- Bill P. 5/19/16
Thank you again for the results. I really appreciate your timely and detailed reporting. Mark I. -- 5/12/16
This is so cool! Thank you guys so much for being so thorough. I'll definitely be back for more testing in the future, & will be recommending your lab to everyone I know. Best -- Dave T. 4/22/16
Thanks Guys! Excellent service, very impressive. Will send you my next sample when its due, please send me another kit. -- Roger F. 4/11/16
Thank you for the report. Look like I am ready for a transmission rebuild. Probably will wait until we get ready to leave for the winter. You guys are a great help. Highly recommend you to my diesel truck friends. -- Gordon P. 4/7/16
You guys were dead on. A day before the trackday I did a boost leak test and since my methanol controller is boost actuated it triggered the pump and dumped quite a bit of methanol into the intercooler. So the car ran rich for about 5 minutes until it burnt off. Thank you guys again! -- Anthony A. 4/5/16
I wanted to simply thank you all for the excellent work you do. You are incredibly responsive, fast, and I love your comments! I'll keep coming back for all of these reasons. -- Wilson B. 4/1/16
This was very cool and helpful!  Great service and great comments!  Keep it up. -- Adam S., 3/31/16
Hello Blackstone Labs, I wanted to say thank you for your prompt testing of the samples I recently sent in. I actually pulled the samples for a friend that is contemplating buying a boat and this helped him make an informed decision. You noted the difference between the two engines. Well you hit the nail on the head as this engine had been taken apart for inspection. It was determined that is was in good shape and reassembled and they decided not to open the other engine. I as well as my buddy and the seller are all impressed with your abilities. I will continue to advocate for your services. Best Regards -- Royce W., 2/26/16
Wow! I just want to say how interesting I found your oil analysis report on my 2005 Accord. I've always been told the best maintenance item to perform is an oil change, and I've taken that advice to heart. I've changed the oil on average every 9000 miles, which is slightly sooner than the owner's manual suggests.  Your service validates my decision to spend money on scheduled maintenance.  Thank you for this great service! -- Rich E., 2/19/16
As a customer I really appreciate the contribution your lab makes to keeping me flying safely. I never fail to do the oil sample and send it to you. -- Terry B., 2/14/16
I really enjoy your "well written reports"! I think you are the best in the world at putting lipstick on typically boring subjects. Just to provide feedback, I decided to change the oil a little early this round because all of these miles were either pulling hard or on very dusty roads. This confirms your suspicions. Thank you! -- Sean H., 2/10/16
I just wanted to thank you again for rushing the oil analysis on our 450 ISM Cummins engine. We brought our motorhome into a cummins shop and discovered we had a cracked cylinder head. Your analysis is what convinced the Cummins folks to dig deeper. They had told us for 2 years there was perhaps a sticky injector. We took it upon ourselves after visiting your booth at Oshkosh to get the analysis done. So kudos to you guys for helping us figure out what the manufacturers would not. -- The G. Family, 2/1/16
I wanted to extend a thank you for your excellent service, and not only a very analytical breakdown, but a synopsis of what you feel the condition is in "plain English". I was recommended to you by a work colleague, and I will definitely be sending more samples to you from all my vehicles, and recommending you to everyone I can! Keep up the great work, and amazing service. I look forward to using your service in the future. -- Nathan B. 1/4/16
You're truly amazing for providing these tests and all of the information in your site. Thank you. -- Evan D. 12/23/15
Thanks and a pleasure to do business with you and I will use your company in the future. -- Steven E. 12/4/15
To all at Blackstone Labs: I thought you all might like to know that thanks in a large part to your excellent reports regarding the condition of my 2004 Focus SVT's engine, a full restoration of the body has just been completed!  Here's a few pictures I'd like to share with you of the shell which houses that +208K mile mill. See you again in about 2K miles for my next analysis.  And, if I stay out of trouble (in other ways, not with the motor, of course :)), many many more! -- Mike T. 11/4/15
Just to say that I thank you for your good efficient work. I am very satisfied by your services. Cannot compare to the ones I used before. Thanks again and please keep up the good work. -- Otieno O. 10/26/15
Thanx a lot for your detailed analysis of my Arctic Cat Wildcat's oil.  Because the Rotella got so dirty sooooooooo quickly, I was concerned a ring was bad.  Well, you put my fears to rest.  I can now ride with the
comfort knowing my motor is fine.  I can also NOT change my oil so often just to "Be sure." -- Brian W.  10/14/15
You guys combine science with common sense reports! -- Brent M. 10/5/15
You guys are the best, thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service.  We have used you for years and are always well pleased with your service. Today you went above and beyond and I appreciate it very much. -- Joseph N. 9/30/15
I've been sending oil samples to Blackstone Labs, from various company and personal vehicles, for several years now.  Being an engineer myself, I appreciate the data provided along with the plain English description of the results. I've also called several times and have always been able to talk to a technician and have had my questions answered promptly and professionally. Given the level of service you've provided to me, I wanted to take a moment to share a recent story, which you may find interesting.

In 2009, I purchased a new Ford F-250 pickup as a company vehicle.  I change the oil regularly and periodically send a sample in. Several weeks ago, I traded that vehicle in, which had 175,000 miles on it, and took a copy of the latest results with me. The sales manager initially said they do not take vehicles with that many miles in on trade, but after driving it and reading the oil sample report, not only did he take it on trade, he gave me more than I was expecting and said he was going to call his brother, who owns a construction business, to sell it to him. He mentioned that he's never seen anyone bring in an oil sample report and was very impressed, stating that I obviously take very good care of my vehicles.

Bottom line is that the few dollars paid for the oil analysis has more than paid off in multiple ways. First, having the oil analyzed has helped me find the "sweet spot" for the oil change interval, which I believe, has
saved a substantial amount of money over the life of the vehicle. Second, the increase in the residual value of the vehicle was dramatic simply due to taking that one piece of paper with me.

My new vehicle is a Ford F-150 with the twin turbo Ecoboost engine and I've already had to change oil for the first time. Needless to say, the sample is on its way. Thanks again for the great service and I look forward to a continuing the relationship for a very long time. -- Don L. 9/22/15
WooHOOO!!  It is good to get a report like that!  Yes, I do about 110 miles a day highway driving, and sometimes it is double that.  Thank you for a great service! -- Ronnie W. 8/31/15
Greetings Blackstone Team, This aircraft had the induction filter blow out of position during a start up, and continued for one flight that way.  We suspect that this is where the high silicone came from. It's a great confidence builder in your service that such a limited event can be seen in the analysis. Thanks for the continuing great reports. -- Chris R. 8/19/15
Your vast methods of telling me I am dong a good job are starting to inflate my car maintenance ego. My wife could use some coaching, are you avilable? -- James M.  8/17/15
I used your service for my 2007 Z06 and you saved my engine we caught the Titanium increasing between oil changes. I had the heads pulled at my cost and GM saw the wear and paid $7,000 to replace the Heads and valves before the engine was severely damaged. Now I own a Chevy SS with a LS3 so I want the same level of knoweldge. -- Dennis M. 8/6/15
Blackstone, Thanks for the fast turn around and more importantly the clean bill of health. Makes me feel a bit better going into a race this weekend. See you in another 1000 miles. -- Efrain D. 8/5/15
Thank you so very much. I love the personal touches on the reports, something rarely seen these days...I shall continue to refer people to you guys!! Thanks again. -- Sean M. 8/3/15
Thanks for the fast response! This gives me a little more reassurance in buying this motorhome this Thursday. When buying a used vehicle of this magnitude without a warranty, every step I can take to check the condition helps. Your process for collecting samples and mailing them in was easy to do and a good value. Thanks again. -- Mike F. 7/14/15
Our thanks to everyone at Blackstone for the amended report and outstanding customer service/responsiveness.  It's great to see such true professionalism! -- Karl Y. 7/10/15
OK, this is a BIG Thank You message. The oil analysis on the AEIO-360-B2F engine in my aircraft showed high levels of aluminum, iron, and chromium. I went back and pulled the oil screen again. We did find some ferrous metal that I had at first taken to be carbon. We found enough to suspect the camshaft so I opted to pull a jug and inspect the cam. The cam was pitted and starting to spall. The high level of aluminum was coming from the piston skirts that were severely scuffed and scored. Wrist pins and rocker shafts showed pitting as well. I believe this engine was headed for a catastrophic failure in the not-too-distant future. The engine is now getting a major overhaul to be sure we got everything. Your oil analysis may have saved my ass. Thank you. You can be sure that you will be getting a sample from me at every oil change from every airplane I own as well as those of my neighbors from now on. -- Brian L. 6/23/15
I just wanted to follow up and say that I got the report and am very happy! I recommended your services to everyone I know! I will definitely use blackstone labs again in the future. Thanks again, Dan C.  6/12/15
Thanks again! I think the extenal filter really helps. Blackstone is the best! -- Barney M. 5/29/15
Dear Blackstone Staff, Thanks for the analysis. for once I don't have any questions. At dealer prices, for every 10K I can extend the transmission service I save about 70 dollars. I think I am going for 60K next time. Thanks again -- Butch F. 5/18/15
That was fast (especially since I included a long-winded description with the samples!). Anyway, I'm very glad I discovered your lab (via reading the ever-contentious 'Bob the Oil Guy' forums)....I especially appreciate the friendly, but crystal clear explanation of the results. Something that I didn't get from my previous lab (without pulling teeth, anyway). Its obvious you read my cover-letter carefully, and addressed the specific concerns I had. Its pretty refreshing to get non-ambiguous recommendations too - that's helpful. I'll be sure to follow them. -- Jeremy B. 5/13/15
Thank you for the oil report.  I feel better because this is a recently purchased used car. I will continue to send you oil samples for analysis at each future oil change. Best Regards -- Bruce R. 5/13/15
Thanks for the quick turnaround!  Glad to hear there's no coolant. Best regards -- Jon C. 5/12/15
Good afternoon Blackstone, Just wanted to say thank you very much for such a speedy analysis. I could not be any more happier with the service, speed, easiness, and more importantly the results. It gives me the confidence I need to keep my motor running better. Look forward to doing my next oil change and analysis. Thank you and definitely a customer for life and will spread the word. -- Kevin V. -- 5/6/15
This is my first experience with you guys, and I'm thoroughly impressed! The reports were great. You're question regarding the higher cooper content found in the Port side was right on the money, this was the first sample taken of the two and an older Jabsco dipstick pump was used to take the sample.  I didn't have a way to clean or flush the pump before the sample, so I'd bet that explains the higher readings.  Thanks again for the help, and I look forward to using your services in the future. -- Kevin N. 5/5/15
I have anticipated getting these results as this is my first time getting any oil tested. My experience has been great with you guys. -- Drew L. 5/4/15
I just wanted to say "Thanks" for the fast service and the comprehensive reporting. I also wanted to let you know that I believe your assessment (reading between the lines) is correct - this motor needs to be pulled and checked. I do not trust the condition of the bearings and yeah, there was more fluid than there was supposed to be in the crankcase. The coolant (NPG+) is great stuff but it's slicker'n snot and gets *everywhere* if I don't pay attention to tightening all the hoses & manifolds - which is why I wanted to get the oil tested in the first place. I'll let you know when I get it rebuilt.... and I be sending fresh samples. -- James L. 4/17/15
Thanks for the prompt analysis of my Mooney's oil!  I was so glad everything looked OK.  The winter was so frigid that we didn't fly much, so I was afraid both the airplane's oil and my arteries were full of sludge. We just came back from maintenance with 8 new spark plugs (4 fine wire for the bottom and 4 regular on top), and fresh oil to start the Spring season. No excuses for poor metabolism! Thanks again! -- Michelle M. 4/8/15
Blackstone team, thought you would be interested to know the following: the origin of the 200% increase in nickel was valve related. Your suggestion to check compressions and possibly borescope were right on! Five cylinders, seventy plus, and #6 was (almost) twenty lbs. Didn't need to borescope to find the problem child. After removal of the cylinder the exhaust valve was obviously the issue. Colors like a Christmas tree...dark at one side, then dark green, then green, and finally sunset red. The mechanic estimated failure within fifty hours or thereabouts. That cylinder had over 1600 hours time in service. Since the annual and compression checks were six months away...your analysis saves me from unexpected maintenance, probably occurring far from home base and who knows what else! Thanks again, Austin D.  3/20/15
I would like to thank you for your excellent service to the aviation community in general and to me as I have dealt with Blackstone Laboratories several times throughout my 25 years of aviation service. The analysis you provide has been invaluable to my customers and me in keeping aviation safe, fun, and affordable. -- Kenneth F.  3/16/15
Thank you for your prompt service on my oil sample. Your analysis confirms my suspicions on a LIM/UIM gasket issue and I plan on addressing this within a couple of weeks. Also your comments on lack of excess wear seems to be confirmed by the engine oil pressure which remains as good as new. After the gasket repair, I will resample the 2nd oil and filter change and will be in contact with you good folks in the months ahead for another test kit.  Again many thanks, Roger B.  3/13/15
You guys provided advanced warning and insight about bearing material wear on my old car, four years before bearing-related oil pressure issue became noticeable. Keep up the good work : ) -- Daniel L. 3/2/15
I'd just like to say that today is my birthday, and this report is the best news I've gotten all day - lovin' these results!  -- WJV  2/26/15
Thanks again all! Love these analyses. Hope business is going good because I plan to use this service for life. -- Jeremy F.  2/21/15
I'm a new customer and you just processed my first 2 samples. Very prompt response, and easy to read. I'll pass your service on to others. -- Alex S. 2/18/15
Thanks for the typical quick turnaround.  It's very comforting to get good analytical reports. Thanks again! -- Paul M. 2/17/15
The last report showed a large increase in titanium! Pulled the heads and popped a valve spring to find intake valve ready fall out. All 16 had hard wear due to faulty valve guides. Better the way then out on the road at speed. And GMPP could not argue, paid full repairs, $7k thank God for Blackstone Labs, this could have been real bad. All Z06 427's need oil tested for ever. -- Dennis M. 2/15/15


Thanks for turning this report around so quickly. It's really helpful to get a little window on what this engine's condition is after buying it used. I'm going to shorten the oil change interval to 5,000 miles based on the fuel dilution numbers. It seems to be pretty common in this, and a lot of direct injection motors. I think you provide a great service for a very reasonable price. It's weird that you get people complaining that it costs too much, since you do such a thorough breakdown and have an actual person write it up in plain English. I'm really happy with the service and will be running samples to you for all my vehicles' oil changes. -- Cary A. 2/11/15


I just wanted to thank the team at blackstone labs. I feel much better about my bike after seeing the report and thank you for the comments makes me actually feel very appreciated. I will send all my oil to yall. Customer for life thanks. -- William C. 2/4/15

You guys are excellent!!  That was super quick, very informative and very fair priced. I will be sending in another sample from my other vehicle soon. I am going to continue to use this service on a regular basis. Thank you so very much for your help. -- Larry C. 2/5/14


Thanks for the quick turn around on my recent oil sample...makes me feel good that the 2000 Silverado engine is holding up well. -- Norb W. 1/27/15


Hey guys, I've been referring the Land Cruiser folks to you because I'm a believer in the oil analysis cost/benefit ratio. Whenever someone joins the IH8MUD forum and asks about baselining or head gasket concerns I tell 'em $25 with Blackstone is the quickest/safest way to proceed. Head gaskets, as you probably know, are the only real Achilles heel with the Land Cruisers. -- Scot C. 1/26/15


This is great news! Thanks for the quick turn around! -- Adriel I. 1/23/15


Ryan & Blackstone employees, I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your
help. I am not sure if you remember my situation at all, but if it were not for all of you and your wonderful work I would have had to pay $7,000 for a new transmission in my 2010 car that I have not even had for a year. XXX Auto on XX Road is where I bought it and they were trying to tell me I must have topped off my transmission fluid with the wrong fluid. I obviously have never touched it I only have 68,000 miles on my car and I have only put 3,000 miles on it since I purchased it. Regardless Mitsubishi in XXX finally contacted my warranty company because of the results your wonderful employees sent me back and they had their own lab tech come out and test it, but they realized it was not my fault and my warranty company covered everything. So I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for  your job well done. Hope you have a wonderful week. I appreciate what you did more than you will ever know. Sincerely -- Ashley H. and Corey J.  1/20/15


Thank you for the very quick turnaround time with this analysis.  Travis H.  1/16/15


Many years ago, I headed up the maintenance of a Cessna 210 for with some fellow pilots. I used you guys a lot back then and came to view your service with the highest regard. It's the commentary/interpretation section of your report that I look forward to the most since without that, I would not know how to correctly
interpret the chemical fingerprint of a particular oil sample.

Of course I'm please that the report indicates a very healthy engine. It's evidently a well-manufactured specimen so I got lucky there. But I also put a lot of effort into properly maintaining it which seems to be paying off. Being installed in a sailboat, this engine does not run every day nor when it does, do I run it hard even tho I know diesels in particular need to be loaded up when run: it's a balancing act between fuel conservation, low wear-and-tear, and yet exercise. Your oil report helps me understand what I'm doing right and/or wrong. The engine is a big investment-I need to know how to maximize it. Good job and thanks for you help,  Larry W.  1/16/15


Thanks guys.... You rock! -- S. Smith  1/12/15

Thank you VERY MUCH! Without your work I could only guess constantly about the health of my engine. -- Dan 1/9/15

Thank you for the quick turn around time even with the holidays, I am very pleased with the results. -- Marc R. 1/6/15


Thanks for a very quick report. I felt rather positive that both engines were ok, but this confirms my
feelings. I still have two empty sample kits, will send those in Jan with the generator oil. Merry Christmas to all. -- Ken H. 12/23/14


First time to take an oil sample. Found Blackstone on Internet and decided to do the samples. Thanks for the prompt response. Reading the elements and property details were interesting, but your comments on the oil report was the key for me to understand the results. Thanks and I will be sending more in the future. -- Joe A. 12/16/14


Thank you for the report and more importantly the peace of mind! I do have the 2.5L 5 cylinder, so great guess, sorry for not indicating that. Thank you and Happy Holidays! -- Rob N. 12/11/14


Thank you so much for the analysis, much appreciated and that was super quick. -- Gerald L. 12/10/14


THANK YOU!! This is a great service you offer and I am telling all my friends, family and place of employment (general contracting, lots of engines!) Thanks again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! -- Mike B. 12/9/14


Hi guys --I forgot to get back to you 18 months ago after my first analysis.  You sent me a report for the Toyota WS fluid in my dad's RAV4, which had reached the end of its useful life.  I had a shop change
the filter & fluid.  The felt-like filter medium had actually started to deform, and was going to be sucked-out the top of the filter box by the pump.  With a new filter, and 8 qts of fresh fluid, I noticed an immediate
improvement in shift quality.  I will definitely send you another sample in another couple years, as the vehicle doesn't get driven much now.Keep up the good work. -- Chris M. 12/6/14


Thanks for handling with such a fast feedback. So I kind of expected higher silicon levels because I ride dust roads lately. It shows not that high tough. As you said, light vis doesnt hurt that bad eh?
Well, I think its about time to try a heavier like 15w40. See you soon. Keep up the good work. -- Luciano C. 12/5/14


Many thanks, to the entire team, for the awesome work on these reports, as always! You guys rock! (Will have a few more coming in January.) Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! -- Abe R. 11/22/14


Got to tell you... your service is great!  Anyone with engine issues I tell them about you. -- Thor P.  11/21/14


I love you guys. Thanks for the report! -- Ross M. 11/19/14


I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all that you and the folks at Blackstone do in your analysis work. My car has been off the road and the track since I received the analysis on my M3 that showed high levels of copper in the oil. I've attached a picture of one of the bearings (actually two were "in the copper") and truly believe that had I not gotten the early warning from my Oil Analysis the issue would have been much worse. I will continue to use Blackstone for the analysis, especially with fresh bearings in the car, to chart the health of my motor. -- Max 11/14/14


Yes, the report presented truly good news. I want you to know that my son and I really appreciate your service. Keep up the good work. -- Ed L. 11/10/14

Thank you so much for your reports and professionalism! I will definitely recommend you in the future. I now have confidence that all is ok with the motor. Best regards, Scott B. 11/7/14

Holy Smokes BatMan, That was just quick! Thanks a bunch. – Chris B. 11/5/14


I've worked with several other labs and I love you guys and how you write reports. Becoming a big  Blackstone fan. – Hib H. 11/4/14


You do a wonderful job, are amazing to work with, and are top notch in customer service.  We know that we and our (4-wheeled) babies will be in great hands for years to come. Thanks so much. – Tomi S. 10/30/14


Thank you for the report. I can breathe a little easier now. – Drew 10/26/14


I couldn't be more happy with your product/process. I am now questioning why I haven’t used you guys sooner. Thanks for the help. Cheers – Matt H. 10/14/14


You guys are awesome, will be sending more samples as the engine gets more mileage. The exhaust valves are titanium and the guides failed.  I want you to help me publish this data for all the Corvette owners so they can get this done. I had 5,000 miles after you saw how high titanium is and multiple experts told me it was all normal!!!!!!!!! This is the proof without tearing the motor down. And if it shows up again we will know the guides failed again. – Dennis M. 10/10/14


Thanks for the good reports on these aircraft. It sure is nice to have the comment portion of these reports, it gives me something to show the customer rather just having numbers to show them. You guys get my vote (and business) for your informative reports that show more than just numbers. – Eric B. 10/9/14


All I can say is thank you for the service you folks provide! As the owner of a high performance engine, I can depend on the information you provide to keep my engine safe. I belong to LXForums.com and am constantly referring folks to you so that they know if their engines are healthy. Keep up the great work! –Chuck S. 10/8/14


You guys are the best. I am always impressed with your personalized reports. I brag about the results I get from you all of the time to others at the airport. Keep up the great work! – Mike B. 10/7/14


Thank you so much. I'm so relieved they didn't ruin my awesome car! You made my day! – Janna W. 10/7/14


Hello, I wanted to tell you about my 1973 searay you did an analysis on. I had the engine replaced.  When I had some time I took apart the block and found cylinder 4 had one 2 inch vertical crack on the cylinder wall.  It was an open system so I could not see any water missing. I did notice the oil looking like milk chocolate however the lab did not show much water in the oil. Anyway all the other measurements were way too high. Just thought I would update you on my findings. Thanks for your services. – Steve 10/6/14


First of all I want to say you guys are awesome. I filled out the form for my free test kit and received it within 5 days. I sent the sample on monday and here I have results by Thursday. Extremely professional and I appreciate it. WELL worth the money I paid. Also, I love the Q&A section of your site. Very unique and gave me a good laugh. I wish more companies were like you guys and didn't take themselves so seriously. – Tyler F. 10/3/14


Your report is outstanding. Thank you. We will be using you for all our aircraft and vehicles. – Gordon J. 10/2/14


Thank you so much for the response your time and attention to my concerns. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. – Rolando F. 10/1/14


I really appreciate the service you guys offer. It makes me feel much better about my current maintenance schedule and it takes a lot of the fog out of running a performance tune. If only I could get my tires to respond to the new tune as well as the oil : )  Thanks again – Jason R. 9/30/14


Thanks for your quick response. It's nice to know that the engine is one less thing to worry about. – Richard T. 9/26/14


Hello, there. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the service that you provide. I believe it is absolutely invaluable for anyone trying to get the most out of their vehicle and to keep it in top shape. I purchased my Kia Spectra5 brand new in 2006, and although it isn't the best of vehicles out there, it's mine, and I want to keep it in the best possible condition I can keep it in. And because I bought it new all those years ago, I've been stringent on maintaining it with the best possible parts and fluids, possible. One of the reasons I've invested so much into this vehicle is because the engine was originally designed for a turbo, as it was an option at the time. I do not have a turbo installed on the engine, but because of this I believe the internals to be more than adequate enough for an N/A application and have faith that it is a strong, little engine.

Your service is a great way to keep track of these internals, and your expert analysis and advice is extremely appreciated! I don't recall how I heard about Blackstone Laboratories, but I am very glad I did! I was very surprised that such a service exists and for such a reasonable price! I will be sending an oil sample to you guys every time I do a change on every vehicle I will ever own! And I will happily recommend your services to as many people as I can. For gear heads like myself, you guys are absolute saints! Thanks for all that you do. Best regards – Jessie L. 9/25/14


Just wanted to take a minute to thank you. I'm very pleased with your service. Very nice work and quick response time. I will be recommending you to others. Thank you. – Joseph S. 9/23/14


Thank you! This is great peace of mind. Have a great day! – Paul P. 9/9/14


Just a note to let you know how exceptionally pleased I am with your service.  Your website is great; the FAQ are worth reading just for entertainment value. Your people answered the phone right away when I called and were helpful and courteous. And a one-day turnaround on the test?...I was expecting to hear from you in a couple of weeks. And, yes, I am thrilled with the result. I thought I was looking at a major rebuild. Now I know my engine is as healthy as it sounds. You can expect that I will incorporate your service into my regular maintenance schedule for this car and will be telling my friends about you. – Pete V.  9/5/14


Thank you the good analysis and swift turnaround time on the sample. Your reports are easy to read and understand. – Brent P. 9/4/14


Thank you very much!! Best regards, Gianmarc C.  8/28/14


Outstanding. Very glad I heard about you ... this is a great service -- please send me some more sample kits! – John B. 8/15/14


You guys are just swell. I send as much business as I can your way. Thanks much. – Stan S. 8/10/14


I just sent this oil sample out in the mail on a Saturday and on the next Friday I have this wonderfully explained sample report back in my email. Absolutely awesome you're GREAT. THANK YOU SO MUCH. – Don G. 8/8/14 


Thanks for the fantastic news. I was hoping everything was improving. Looking forward to the next report in about 4 months. – Ted G.  8/7/14


I'm loving the confidence that doing the oil analysis gives that I'm not changing oil too soon.  I put a lot of money down the drain in the past. Thank you for the help! – Jim O. 8/6/14


Thanks, you guys are the best. I tell everyone who is serious about cars/trucks..... Use Blackstone! – Chris 8/6/14


I want to let you all know I am truly impressed with your high level of service, and I really appreciate the personalized notes on my reports!  I can tell you without a doubt you have gained a "customer for life" with me, and I highly recommend your services to others whenever the opportunity presents itself! – Shawn G. 8/4/14


I've used your motor oil analysis service for a few years now and would like to say thanks for the quality service through and through! – Bret F. 8/4/14


Thank you so much for the prompt response. I don't use the vessel as much as I would like but I will continue to send in samples each year regardless. I'll send another sample just before I lay it up for the winter, sometime in November. Thanks again and I look forward to working with your team. I will recommend your service to friends who I KNOW have never had their engine oil analyzed. Cheers – J  7/31/14


Thank you for the speedy service! You guys are great! – Brant G. 7/31/14


Great!  Thanks for quick sample response.  You have saved me time and money. – O.C. 7/31/14


Thanks! Outstanding work, as always! – Jesse  E. 7/30/14


To all the folks at Blackstone labs, Thank you very much for the great checkup! Until next time, keep up the good work. – Walter M. 7/30/14


This is great. I have been suspecting fuel for a while now. I might consider changing the fuel pressure regulator and getting new injectors and probably swap in a new o2 at that point. – Jon L. 7/25/14


Fantastic report, great service. I will be forwarding for my wife's car can you send another pack? Thank you! – Derek 7/17/14


I pulled this engine apart, and thought you'd like to see how accurate your report was. The silicon and aluminum are from the cylinder walls, and there was one very worn bearing. Thanks again for all your work! This gives me greater faith in your analysis!  – Van  7/17/14


Thanks for the great service!  5 Stars!  – Bill 7/16/14


Thanks again so much for the fantastic report! I’m really enjoying this, and it’s not just because my engine is so healthy. I’d still find it interesting even if it was not. I look forward to each one of these, especially because they are so well written for the layman to understand, i.e., I’m learning as we go. The website it also great for simple explanations of all the fields. I was going to ask you some questions about the current report, but disciplined myself and went to the website. All the details answers and explanations were there. Just to let you know, I’ve been sharing these with many people at work, and also sent it to a Focus club on Facebook in the hopes of generating interest from them. I hope it beings you more customers. I think I mentioned last time I was going to send it to Amsoil too, but I figured I’d wait for more data, and I ‘m glad I did. I suspect they would like to see this too. As always, keep up the great work. – Mike T. 7/14/14


Thanks. You do a wonderful job with the personalization! – Vic 7/14/14


Hello Blackstone, from Spain. Good job, it’s great to know everything is in place. – Miguel F. 7/11/14


Blackstone team, I just wanted to s

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